How to Play Poker in the Phillipines?

Ultimate Guide on how to play poker in the Phillipines

Have you ever tried to find a safe way to play poker in the Phillippines but couldn't find the right alternatives ?

There is a multitude of options to play poker online in this country but not all are safe or legal unfortunately. You might even run the risk of not being able to cash out your funds if you are not cautious. This is why we have decided to create this short but clear guide on what are your options when it comes to play poker here.

Option 1: Play in a Casino This is by far the safest option but not the most convenient. Not the most convenient since you will have to take your car, park there, put your name on a waiting list, which depending of the day, can take a lot of time to manage to get a seat. Once this is done you will be able to start playing. The blinds that you will encounter in Solaire or Okada for example range from PHP 25/50 up to PHP 500/1000 occasionaly running during the week-end. The rake is quite high, 10% and 3BB which can be difficult to beat at some table.

Option 2: Play on an App This is our favorite option. Since 2015, a few apps have emerged on the market that allow you to play on your Mobile phone from virtually anywhere as long as you get a reliable network. Your choices here are Upoker, PPPoker or PokerBros to name the biggest. Those apps are more or less offering you the same service, meaning you can join a club of your choice, one with your friends or one that are running the type of games you prefer. You then have need to be approved by an agent to enter this club and he will be the one to help you to deposit in this club. If you are not playing in a club made by your friends, make sure that it is a reputable one, and you know few people that did not have any issue to cash in or cash out. Then you can just start playing!